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Our Best Sellers
  • BC023


    Two 12"&8" Royal Pillows Cake
  • CC017


    Gift Shaped Cake with big Ribbon
  • BC101


    A Delightful Round Chocolate Birthday Cake with fresh chocolate cream filling, ganache and fresh strawberry on top. Nuts or sprinkles on the sides with personal writing

  • BC103


    Chocolate sponge with fresh chocolate cream filling, ganache and sugar butterflies on the top and on the sides with personal writing.

  • BC002


    Lady Bird and Beehive Cake, designed exactly as advertised.
  • BC525


    Heart shaped birthday cake with butterflies and fairies
  • WC022


    Awesome Round Three 8"10"&12" Tiers Red Icing Wedding cake. Beautifully decorated on the side and topped with handcrafted sugar flowers on each tier
  • WC021


    Elegant Three 8"10"&12" Tier Round Icing wedding cake topped with handcrafted sugar flowers on each tier, and red ribbons on the side
    Flowers are not included in the price and are charged £25 on top of the £175.
  • BC012


    A Dazzling Red Round Iced Birthday Cake with awesome white decoration details and ribbon on the top

  • WC016


    A very special Two 8"&12" Tiers Wedding Cake elegantly decorated with stunning brown design details on the side, and topped with handcrafted sugar flowers on each tier
  • BC009


    A fine Square Iced Birthday Cake with beautiful silver decoration details and custom writing

  • WC029


    A wonderful Two 8"&12" Tiers Stack Wedding Cake decorated with red and green coloured elegant circles design details

  • BC066


    Round cake with chocolate decorations
  • WC039


    Two Tiers Red Iced 8"&12" Wedding cake with sugar bride and groom topper. Decorated with sugar handcrafted roses and beautiful white design details on the side
  • WC083


    White and black chocolate rolls decorated 6"8"&12" wedding cake with roses
  • CC209


    Very attractive 12" or 14" red icing cake with golden ribbon
  • CC271


    12"&8" cake with guard figurine
  • BC265


    Original iced red hat shaped birthday cake


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